Jan 1, 2005

By steppen-wolf Admin

A Happy New Year to all our friends:

May you all have enjoyed a fine Holiday Season with your good credit still intact.
First I’d like to express my appreciation to everyone who posted some kind words about Morgan Cavett’s passing. He made many friends among the Pack and it was good to read your recollections and thoughts about him. Morgan was one of the most good hearted and “can do” guys I’ve ever known, always ready to tackle a new challenge. Sometime in February there will be a celebration of Morgan’s life in California, which Jutta & I plan to attend of course.

To be sure 2004 was a year to remember. Jutta & I traveled more then ever. In January we were off to Kenya and Tanzania, in February to Brazil with the Wolf. In April to Germany for the “50th Birthday Of Rock n Roll” TV show and in July to Portugal for the Faro Festival. Afterwards Jutta & I then went to Barcelona, Spain from there and later, in October visited Cambodia and Viet Nam. In June I was inducted into the “Canadian Walk Of Fame” which was a blast and Jutta & I got to hang out in our old hometown Toronto once again.

Also in June, and in October respectively, we finally released the video projects: “John Kay & Friends – Live At The Renaissance Center” and “John Kay & Steppenwolf – Live In Louisville”. Some of our recordings of recent years were re-issued on Rainman Records this year as well. In 2005 several more CDs will follow suit and the “The Last Wolf Fest” may also become available on DVD for the first time. As far as touring is concerned, we will be playing about 25 dates in 2005. One of these will take place at the Lilliehammer Blues Festival in Norway. I look forward to seeing some of our Scandinavian friends there, besides, ever since the Winter Olympics were held there I’ve been had a desire to visit the place. Most of the remaining 2005 dates will be scattered around the US and Canada as usual. Sometime in March we should appear on a PBS TV show about the music of the 60s during a PBS pledge drive. As a long time supporter of PBS I was pleased that we took part in a program that will help raise badly needed funds for quality television.

Speaking of raising funds, Jutta & I have established  “The Maue Kay Foundation” a charitable non-profit entity that will support various conservation, wild life protection and human rights organizations. We will sell most of our Steppenwolf memorabilia at web auction sites etc. with the proceeds going to the foundation. I think some of you may be interested in the items for sale, that’s why I mention all this. Charlie Wolf will post information regarding auctions of the above when the time comes.    
Lastly, still on the subject of charity, I’d like to urge all our supporters to consider giving, as best they can, to the relief agencies that are valiantly struggling to bring relief to the surviving victims in the countries devastated by the earthquake/Tsunami disaster. I have traveled much in that part of the world and have become quite fond of its people, who generally are very gracious, hospitable and generous. Americans have a proud history of lending a hand to those in great need, let us hope that we will also rise to this occasion and it’s magnitude. It may seem overwhelming and daunting due to its sheer enormity but we can all do something, not only for the victims but also for our own humanity. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote:
To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you lived - - - that is to have succeeded”
Stay wild


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