February 18, 2009

By steppen-wolf Admin

Greetings everyone:
A few weeks ago Jutta and I returned from another trip to Africa, this time we visited not only East Africa but also Egypt. No matter where we found ourselves; almost without exception people expressed their good wishes for America’s new administration and their hope that the US will reclaim its world leadership through new and enlightened policies. While it was gratifying to find so much good will and positive energy, we also saw the continuing and widespread need for assistance with education, medicine and other mainly poverty related inequities.

          Of course during our absence things didn’t exactly improve here at home either, so upon our return we learned just how severe the recession has become. With so many people and families facing an uncertain future, struggling with unemployment, loss of housing or just barely getting by, food banks, clinics and support organizations in general, are in desperate need of extra funding. With that in mind, our family foundation wants to increase its contributions to various recipients, but how to raise the additional dollars?

          Well why not see if the Wolf and Crew would like to play a handful, say maybe a dozen or so, dates this summer, not touring mind you, we’re done with that, but a few concerts would be fun. Then the Maue Kay Foundation gets some of the proceeds and Bob’s your Uncle. Turns out all concerned – the usual suspects – liked the idea and we WILL in fact play some concerts between June and Labor Day this summer. As I’ve said before, few are lucky enough to say what’s on their mind in song and then get handsomely rewarded for playing with their musical pals, to their loyal friends around the world. Why not make the most of one’s good fortune and spread some of it around, seems like a no-brainer. Oh and by the way, our old friend Gary Link will be joining us on bass for these dates, like I said, it should be fun. Please check “2009 Summer Concerts” for new dates as they become available. I’m looking forward to seeing you, the Wolf Pack, our long time friends, once again this Summer.

Stay wild.


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