December 16, 2007

By steppen-wolf Admin

Greetings Everyone:

 As most of you are aware 2007 was our last year of “touring” and we won’t be making our annual trek across North America next year.  But despite the fact that we won’t see our supporters on the road in 2008, by posting a few words here from time to time, I’d like to stay in touch with the many friends we made during our years of traveling, particularly with our loyal “Wolf Pack”. While it was the music that brought us together, I know that many of you share the convictions and concerns expressed in our lyrics over time - I have quite a few of your letters as proof – and care about things greater than yourselves and in various ways apply yourselves to the greater good. I mention this because I believe that those of you who belong to that group may be interested in some of my “non-musical” endeavors for which my wife Jutta and I created The Maue Kay Foundation (MKF). With that in mind I intend to occasionally post some updates concerning MKF video documentaries on DVD, video clips at: and other new developments. It is my hope that spreading the word about the need and the great work being done by the entities MKF supports, will create a ripple effect of support.

          The MKF work not withstanding, “Wolf World” has a couple of announcements to make. The much delayed “John Kay & Steppenwolf – A Rock ‘n Roll Odyssey” video biography, started by my late friend Morgan Cavett, will definitely be released in the first few months of 2008. Additionally we hope to include “The Last Wolf Fest” footage on this disk. As many of you know “Wolf Fest” was previously only available on VHS. As soon as DVDs are available we will post it here and also send word via an e-blast.        

          Our keyboardist and bassist Michael Wilk and guitarist Danny Johnson are hard at work developing a new musical, multi-media act which is scheduled to begin touring in the spring of 2008. As soon as booking information becomes available it will be posted on this site, stay tuned.

          Finally I’d like to send my best wishes to all of you for the Holidays. Despite the hectic pace of this season, may you enjoy times of tranquility and joy, may you celebrate with your loved ones and make memories to last a life time, may you spread good cheer and give comfort to those in need and may 2008 be good to all of us here on this little fragile planet.

Stay wild.


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