December 19, 2009

By steppen-wolf Admin

Greetings Everyone:

As some of you may recall, in February I announced we would play a few dates this year and lo and behold it came to pass that the Wolf DID in fact play 10 very enjoyable (for us and I hope for those who attended) concerts. It must be the time of year that makes me write in such quasi-biblical terms, but anyway “Many Thanks” to all who came to hear and see what the Wolf does. Speaking of seeing: at venues with video projection facilities, our performances were accompanied by visuals, which received many positive comments from our supporters. Much of the visual content was created by Michael Wilk who worked tirelessly to complete the video project in time for our first audio / visual date. We all had a good time playing for the faithful once again, particularly since this year there were five of us on stage. Having Gary Link join us on bass and vocals seemed to give to whole band more energy than usual.   

          Considering how well the dates went this year, we have decided to again play selected dates in 2010, a couple of which have already been booked and posted. Wherever possible our shows will include the visuals mentioned above.
          Let us hope that in 2010 things will improve for all who have been - and all too many who still are – struggling to make ends meet, to keep their homes, or to find a job. I recently returned from Cambodia - I was visiting the School we helped build - where I went to some of the homes of the families whose children attend the School. The poverty and need I observed there would be inconceivable for most North Americans, but knowing that someone else is suffering even greater misfortune hardly lightens your own load and worries. While the Holiday Season usually brings out the best in many people, the last 2 years have been so hard on so many that all the Food Banks, Soup Kitchens and the like, have experienced a large drop in donations and support and are desperate to fill the great need. So let’s all do what we can to lend a hand, every dollar counts.
This poem – received by one of Jutta’s Flickr friends in South Africa – says it well in a simple way.
The more you give, the more you get
The more you laugh, the less you fret.
The more you do unselfishly,
The more you live abundantly.

The more of everything you share
The more you’ll always have to spare
The more you love, the more you’ll find
That life is good 
And friends are kind

For only what we give away,
Enriches us from day to day
So let’s live Christmas through the year
And fill the world with love and cheer.
                                    by Helen Steiner Rice 
Happy Holidays to all. See you next year, until then:

Stay wild


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