Born to be Wild: from Rock Star to Wildlife Advocate

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Hello Fans Of The Wolf,

As some of you may know, my “Born to be Wild: from Rock Star to Wildlife Advocate” presentations, which last year I was scheduled to give at some Theaters, were cancelled due to the Covid-19 crisis. These events were scheduled as fund raisers for our Maue Kay Foundation. I used the ‘sequestered’ time to create a narrated film version of the presentation, which is now available for viewing at For a minimum donation of $15 Dollars, every cent of which goes to MKF. This 65-minute-long film tells 3 stories, my personal one, the story Steppenwolf’s ups & down and triumphs and how I and Jutta gradually became Wildlife Advocates. I believe you will truly enjoy viewing this film, even though some of you already know quite a bit of Steppenwolf’s history.

If after viewing the film you have some comments to share, kindly send them to:

May you all stay safe in these difficult times and to those of you who decide to view the film I say “Thank You”; your donations will help our efforts and are much appreciated.

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Magic Carpet Ride (The Autobiography of John Kay & Steppenwolf) 2021 Limited Edition

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This 2021 hardbound edition includes new cover design, updated discography and "The Final Chapter" written by John Kay. The original version of John Kay's autobiography left off in 1994 (when it was first published). In an all new section for the 2021 update, John's story with Steppenwolf culminates at the band's 50th Anniversary celebration in 2017 and the band's final performance in 2018. If you didn't get the chance to read John's book when it first came out, now is the time. It contains many great characters, stories and loads of photos from John's personal collection. It's a lively and entertaining look back at a life as the leader of a late 1960's counter-cultural American rock band, told by the man who lived it an rocked it.

With no more than 250 copies printed, these limited edition hardbound books are hand numbered and autographed by John Kay.

This ultra-limited, autographed edition makes it a lifetime keepsake.

$10 from each purchase supports the Maue Kay Foundation

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John Kay hoping pay-per-view benefit for the Lobero Theatre with help the "community treasure" stay afloat

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Founding Steppenwolf frontman John Kay recently taped a solo concert at Santa Barbara, California's historic Lobero Theatre that will air as a pay-per-view event on Friday, November 13, to help raise money to keep the venue from closing.
The show, which was shot without an audience, is part of the "Live from the Lobero" series of benefit events that also has included similar performances by Kenny Loggins and KT Tunstall.
Kay tells ABC Audio that he was happy to do the show because he's seen many concerts at the Lobero Theatre, which is located near his home, and he considers it "a community treasure."
As he explains, "Doing this on behalf of the Lobero is my way of kind of saying 'thank you' for what the Lobero has provided to my partner…Jutta and I all those wonderful evenings there."
Regarding his performance, Kay says, "I've seen the results…[I]t's well-edited…It sounded pretty good. So, I'm hoping that, as a consequence, a few ducats will come the Lobero's way."

Steppenwolf retired as a touring act in 2018, but Kay has continued to play select solo acoustic shows. Of course, any plans he had this year have been put on hold, so the Lobero concert may offer fans their only chance to see him play in 2020.
Tickets for the concert are $15, and are available now at People who are able to make an additional donation to help the venue stay in business are welcome to do so when they purchase tickets.
Kay tells ABC Audio that he hopes people will help out music venues during the COVID-19 pandemic anytime they're able to do so, "particularly the smaller clubs…where making ends meet is already a challenge under the best of circumstances."



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Join Us For A Special Night

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"Greetings Friends & Acquaintances: On Friday the 13th of November my recent performance (without an audience of course) at the historic Lobero Theater in Santa Barbara will be available for viewing via streaming.  My performance is a fund raiser for the Lobero Theater - the oldest Theater in California and a community treasure  - so that it may survive during this epidemic and be able to re-open in future. The streaming starts at 8pm Pacific Time at: and is available for 72 hours, from 8pm onward , so that it can be viewed in several other time zones.. After signing up and making a $15 payment , you can view the performance at whatever time slot suits you during that 72 hour period, or view it more than once, if you desire. You can buy a ticket for the event at anytime between now and Friday November 13. Please help live music stay alive by supporting the places is calls home, The beautiful Lobero Theater being one of them. Kind regards to all of you. John Kay"

Join us for an intimate engagement revealing rocker John Kay’s more personal side including rare selections from various solo albums woven together with touching stories and recollections.

Friday night, November 13th @ 8pm

The Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA

This is a streaming pay per view event. Your ticket is good for 72 hours and you can watch the concert as often as you’d like. 

Ticket Link:

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The End of an Era & A New Beginning'

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 In October 2018 we gave our last performance. It had been 50 years since our first album was released and I felt it was time for Steppenwolf to retire. However the primary reason for our touring during recent years was to provide financial support for the Maue Kay Foundation. With the ‘Wolf’ funding now gone, I decided; in order to continue support for MKF, to create a new project titled:

“BORN TO BE WILD: From Rock Star to Wildlife Advocate”

John Kay of Steppenwolf and his journey of transformation

It is a multi-media presentation which tells my personal story, the history and career of Steppenwolf and my transition to becoming a wildlife advocate. I narrate this presentation on stage while over 100 Video & Audio clips and images are projected on a large screen behind me. If you’re familiar with TED Talks, then picture a similar presentation except BTBW is 1 hour and 15 minutes long and – after a brief intermission – is followed with an acoustic solo performance by yours truly.

While my aim is to entertain and to inform, the presentation’s main purpose is to raise awareness about the ongoing loss of our living treasures, the wildlife defenders who fight to preserve them and to inspire support for the Maue Kay Foundation. I hope you’re able to attend the BTBW presentation when it comes to your area. We’ve received many favorable comments from those who’ve attended BTBW so far and the most encouraging remarks have been: “Now that I know…. I care”

Stay wild: JK

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GOLDMINE MAGAZINE: John Kay of Steppenwolf Fame Commits to a Solo Career

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Click here to read the complete article in Goldmine Magazine

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