September 19, 2008

By steppen-wolf Admin

Greetings Everyone:

Despite my best intentions to post an occasional note, this is the first one in 2008 and it’s already late September. It’s not that I’ve forgotten our friends and particularly the Pack, it’s just that not touring for the first time in 40 years - more or less - gave me time for other pursuits and Jutta & I have been traveling quite a bit on behalf of the Maue Kay Foundation etc. That’s taken up a good deal of the year. We went Mountain Gorilla tracking in Uganda, visited the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy again in Kenya and recently sailed down the inside passage from Seward Alaska to Vancouver and so on. Each journey had its share of highlights and special moments of course, but we also learned more about the need to protect and conserve what remains of earth’s treasures. If any of you are curious about our experiences and efforts you can learn more at: and our you tube channel: Both sites feature video clips with my narrations concerning our projects. In the next few weeks I plan to add a couple more clips from our recent journeys.

          The end of last year I mentioned that I was certain the much delayed DVD video biography “John Kay & Steppenwolf – A Rock ’n Roll Odyssey” would be released early 2008. Well one last delay notwithstanding it really will finally be released this time - officially on September 30. The disks are ready to be shipped and Charlie Wolf has his advance orders prepared to go out the door in a few days. As mentioned before the DVD includes “The Last Wolf Fest” for the fist time on DVD. The two features combined tell our story and that of our special relationship with our most loyal supporters, the Pack. I’m pleased with the results and I believe that my friend Morgan Cavett, with whom I started this project several years ago would be pleased as well. Most importantly I hope that YOU will enjoy it and also find it informative, because it contains more than the typical rock band biography.  

           Despite the difficult times we’re now going through, economically and otherwise, I hope that all is well with you and that your families are in good heath and in good spirits. Until the next time.

Stay wild.     


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