April, 2005

By steppen-wolf Admin

Greetings everyone

First off a “Thank You” to everyone who sent me birthday cards and emails once again. I find it astounding that any of you, who I’m sure have busy lives like most of us, remember and find the time to send me your good wishes. Frankly, if no one reminded me, I might easily forget the birthday myself. In any event, I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

            As I mentioned in my last note, Jutta and I flew to California in early March to be part of “In Celebration of Morgan Cavett”. It was quite an uplifting and memorable event. Morgan’s wife Mary, who planned the whole thing, as well as his ex-wife Kathy and his daughter Christina were joined by many of Morgan’s friends, from his school days right up to his most recent acquaintances. It was a diverse and interesting group. Most got up to speak about Morgan and we all celebrated his life. There were faces from the Wolf’s past in the crowd as well, among them Ritchie Podolor, Bill Cooper, Steve & Michael Palmer, also Jerry Sloan and Bob Tomasso, who were part of the Wolf Crew in the mid 70’s. Finally several of Morgan’s musician friends, with whom he had recorded many a project, got up and played some inspired rock n soul. All in all, I think Morgan must have been most pleased.

            Years ago Morgan had written some lyrics that I later set to music. The result was called “Captain Of Your Destiny” Somehow those lyrics have greater meaning for me now, perhaps because they seem to reflect how Morgan viewed life and how to live it. It’s somewhat ironic that this month the song will be released as part of the re-issued “The Lost Heritage Tapes” CD, which Morgan also co-produced.

            Speaking of releases, Michael Wilk is applying his fine engineering talents to a new concert DVD, shot in High Definition, at the Ichycoo Park Festival. A couple of cuts were previously released on a compilation DVD but this one will feature the entire show we played that night and should sound and certainly look, excellent. According to the Passport label, it will be released this summer.

            As most of you know, the Wolf will only play 25 dates this year, one of the reasons is that Jutta and I will move much of our household to Vancouver, BC at the end of the year and preparations for the move are complex and time consuming. Wolf World, by the way, will continue and operate as always in spite of my flying more often as a consequence. As with any move some things will be left behind but because the proceeds will go to the benefit of The Maue Kay Foundation, I find it easier to part with much of my collection of Wolf memorabilia, certain personal things and instruments. Charlie Wolf will post notes when these items are available through auctions in case any of you are interested in acquiring some of these. Every dollar paid will go to people and organizations that fight the good fight on behalf of the oppressed, betrayed or forgotten or work to protect what remains of Mother Nature and her creatures.

            That’s it for now, in 48 hours we’re off to Lilehammer, Norway and Michael, Ron, Danny and I are looking forward to playing some Blues as well as rock for our Scandinavian friends there because they always make us feel welcome.

Stay Wild


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