Born to be Wild: from Rock Star to Wildlife Advocate

By steppen-wolf Admin

Hello Fans Of The Wolf,

As some of you may know, my “Born to be Wild: from Rock Star to Wildlife Advocate” presentations, which last year I was scheduled to give at some Theaters, were cancelled due to the Covid-19 crisis. These events were scheduled as fund raisers for our Maue Kay Foundation. I used the ‘sequestered’ time to create a narrated film version of the presentation, which is now available for viewing at For a minimum donation of $15 Dollars, every cent of which goes to MKF. This 65-minute-long film tells 3 stories, my personal one, the story Steppenwolf’s ups & down and triumphs and how I and Jutta gradually became Wildlife Advocates. I believe you will truly enjoy viewing this film, even though some of you already know quite a bit of Steppenwolf’s history.

If after viewing the film you have some comments to share, kindly send them to:

May you all stay safe in these difficult times and to those of you who decide to view the film I say “Thank You”; your donations will help our efforts and are much appreciated.