November 29, 2003

By steppen-wolf Admin

A few thoughts on yesterday’s tragedy. As always it brings out the best and the worst in people. While hundreds lined up around the block (here in Nashville as well) to donate blood, (which I will be doing also) others jacked up gas and hotel prices sky high. If we were officially at war, that type of price gouging would be considered war profiteering. In any case, I’m more concerned with how we, as people and our country, respond to what has happened. In that regard I am heartened by the way we seem to be pulling together, putting our differences aside during this crisis. Perhaps we will learn from this to be more tolerant of one another. While I feel that those responsible for these terrorist acts should be sought out and brought to justice, I also believe that for the sake of our own humanity and the honor of our country we do not lower ourselves to their level by compounding this tragedy by killing more innocent people elsewhere. Hate is what is at the root of yesterday’s horror and blind hate on our part will only continue the cycle. Therefore I’m hoping that our public servants and our military will make sure that when we strike, we know that our target is the right one.

Yesterday we called the Red Cross to make a donation, but we will also call The Red (or is it green, I forgot) Crescent, which is the Red Cross’ counterpart in Islamic countries, and make a donation as well. Why? Because it is important to show that we don’t’ hold millions of peace loving Muslims (of which I’ve meet a few in my travels) responsible for the actions of a small group of extremists.
Let us join in helping the victims and their families, in honoring the selflessness of all the rescue workers and in showing the world, (which is watching), that we have not lost our courage nor our sense of justice.


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