March 1, 2006

By steppen-wolf Admin

Greetings everyone

A couple of days ago we played our first 2006 concert in Lancaster, PA. Everything went quite well I thought: we had a fine and appreciative crowd and met with some Wolf Packers afterwards, one of whom is our friend Raymond who’s fighting the fight of his life right now and to whom we send our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

          During the show I mentioned that next summer will be our 40th anniversary and that it would also be our last year of touring. With hindsight, I should have said “2007 will be our last year of touring” because apparently some took my remarks to mean that this year would be out last on the road, which is not the case. I wanted the audience in Lancaster to know, that because it was most likely the last time we’d see many of them; it was also our last opportunity to thank them publicly for their loyalty and support through the years.

          It occurred to me that we should also announce our touring intentions here, so that if you wish to see us perform this year, or in 2007, you can plan accordingly. Most of this year’s dates are already posted on the “2006 Tour” page, with more to follow, however the 2007 dates probably won’t be known until this time next year. If our travels in the coming months bring us close enough to your home towns for you to be part of one or more of our concerts please come and join us. Those of you who came to cheer us on in the funky clubs and dives we played during the rebuilding years of the early ‘80s, as well as those who took part in our “Wolf Fest” celebrations, would be particularly welcome. We plan to make every one of our remaining performances a memorable one and it would be great if you could be a part of that effort.

          Lastly I want to thank everyone who bought Wolf Memorabilia at the ebay “Steppenwolf Collectables” store. We hope you enjoy your acquired Wolf treasures and the knowledge that your money will enable the foundation to make a greater contribution to the various entities and projects it supports. Hope to see you down the road.

Stay wild.


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