July, 2003

By steppen-wolf Admin

Greetings Everyone: 

          At this point we’ve played 26 concerts this year and I’d like to say “Thanks” to all who came to see us so far. As usual we’ve crisscrossed America, and also made a couple of trips into Canada, and were pleased to find that The Wolf remains quite popular in the far flung corners of our continent. There are certain nights on stage when It’s as good as it’s ever been, sometimes even better and one feels fortunate to still feel that thrill this after all this time. Those special nights always owe their magic to The Wolf and the audience coming together and exchanging energy. That’s what I most appreciate about so many of our friends: you let us know when we really connect and to you, most of all, we want to give our very best and when we’re done, we hope that we sent you home smiling. Of course we still have 14 more shows to play this year, so if we stop somewhere near you, please come and join us. In spite of the crazy times we now live in, people seem to be determined not to let that stop them from going out and having a good time. I’m glad that apparently most are unwilling to let fear change the way they live.

          Every so often I discover that Steppenwolf is known in parts of the world I never suspected. While in Myanmar (Burma) earlier this year I learned that “Born To Be Wild” had made its way all the way to Rangoon. A couple of weeks ago I heard from a friend who had just returned from Papua New Guinea, telling me he saw a native wearing an old Steppenwolf Tee Shirt there. That is simply amazing to me.

          Although our various video projects have been moving at glacial speed, hope springs eternal and the end is in sight. Besides there were unexpected developments - such as a violent storm which tore out at least a hundred trees and slightly damaged a couple of structures on our property - which had to be dealt with and of course gobbled up time. That not withstanding, things overall are well in Wolf World, besides wanking will not be tolerated, there are people with real problems out there, though I hope you’re not one of them.
Have fun in the summertime and

Stay Wild: JK


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